The ObamaCare Call Center Phone Number 1-800-F_UCKYO

I could not make this up if I tried…..

With all the recent low drama surrounding the website and it’s myriad of problems I wonder aloud if anyone else noticed that the phone number for the Call Center may actually be a bit insulting if you happen to read your keypad while dialing it.

I went online tonight to the website to have a look around to see if I could create an account so I could look at the plans being offered in the State of Illinois. After 3 attempts of creating a username, password, and submitting the 3 security questions like the millions of others who have tried.

I of course was not surprised after the 3rd try that I got the screen with the red banner informing me that I could not create an account at this time. I was instructed that I would probably have to call the Call Center and speak to one of the Reps there in order to continue. I was given the phone number and grabbed my phone.

I mean at this point what is it going to hurt? surely it’s not going to be that bad. I had seen the people on the Cable networks attempt to log in with a clock running with varying stages of success. I resigned myself to the fact that this late at night I could probably talk to somebody. So upon looking at the number I did not think anything much about what it was telling me…..


I looked at the number a second time on the keypad.


To anyone else it would seem nothing out of sorts….so if you have stayed this long with me I invite you to just look at a cellphone and the letters that correspond with that phone number. Take into account that the number 1 has no letters associated with it on a telephone keypad….

You see it?

The number translates to…(Drum Roll Please?)…….


Now it could be a coincidence that the number would be laughing at you for trying to get affordable healthcare or maybe one of the boneheads from CGI thought it would be a way of adding their opinion of the whole exercise but I cannot say I was shocked by it. I think it is somewhat fitting that whomever came up with that number was trying to inform you of what was to come (by the way, the odds of randomly generating that number are 1 in 10 million).

Although funny on the surface, it speaks volumes about what type of people we have running the show in the United States these days. Between Jofi Joseph sending random tweets about everything under the sun in the White House to the 1-800-F_UCKYO, I simply have come to the conclusion that anyone in a position of marginal power all the way up to the Executive are a bunch of immature assholes. You have a HHS Secretary that can’t answer a single softball question from CNN, a crashed website, an Administration that can’t seem to get their shit together, a shutdown, a He-said, She-said between Obama and Dick Durbin….the list of moronic behavior by people on BOTH SIDES is disheartening, but not surprising.

Because every single one of them is an immature asshole.

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